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A Bright, Front Door

A few years ago my father purchased my mother a new front door for their home. At first, my mother was excited. However, she quickly decided she didn’t like the plain white color of the door, so she asked my father to paint the door a vivid burgundy color. I visited the home after the front door was painted. The burgundy color of the door looked amazing against the blue color of the house. If you want to give your home a fresh, new look without spending a lot of money, consider what changing the paint might do for the interior and exterior.


How to Paint Better Lines on Textured Drywall

26 October 2016
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Painting the interior of your home is a manageable remodel, especially if you have textured drywall. Drywall is a great surface to repaint because it is absorbent, and you can use latex-based paints. Basically, painting is a great project even if you have no painting experience. That being said, there are certain parts of the job that are a little bit difficult. Most important, you need to figure out how to paint the straightest lines. Read More …

Best Roofing For Wind-Prone Areas

6 October 2016
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Many areas in the United States suffer from wind storms. Whether they be hurricanes, tornadoes, or some other wind-related event, they frequently wreak havoc on your property, especially on roofs. The next time you have a new roof put on your house, consider investing in materials that are particularly wind resistant. By doing so, you can protect your home from leaks, even if the shingles are damaged or torn off completely. Read More …

3 Mistakes To Avoid When Painting Your Home’s Exterior

8 September 2016
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When mistakes are made on an interior paint job, only visitors and household members are aware of them. However, mistakes on an exterior paint job are noticeable to everyone. If you are planning to paint your home's exterior, here are some mistakes to look out for.   Not Power Washing the Surface One of the biggest mistakes you can make when painting the exterior of your home is to overlook cleaning the surface first. Read More …

Painting The Exterior Of Your Professional Service Business? Don’t Make These HUGE Mistakes

25 August 2016
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It is no big news that the exterior of any business gives an impression to onlookers about what can be found inside. However, even with that knowledge, it is common for business owners to make mistakes when they decide to paint the building or otherwise make changes. As a business owner who has a professional service business, whether it is a law office, financial advisory business, or otherwise, it is even more crucial to pay careful attention to what the exterior of your business building looks like. Read More …

Go Big And Go Home – An Easy 3-Step Guide To Painting Your Own Bedroom Mural

24 August 2016
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Adding a mural to your bedroom is an excellent way to make a huge impact and create a focal point without breaking the bank. But, if you're not an experienced artist -- or even if you are -- how can you create oversize wall art of your very own? Here is a step-by-step guide to painting your first wall mural. Prep the Wall. Before you dip a brush into a single bit of paint, start by ensuring that the wall is ready to go. Read More …