How to Paint Better Lines on Textured Drywall

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How to Paint Better Lines on Textured Drywall

26 October 2016
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Painting the interior of your home is a manageable remodel, especially if you have textured drywall. Drywall is a great surface to repaint because it is absorbent, and you can use latex-based paints. Basically, painting is a great project even if you have no painting experience. That being said, there are certain parts of the job that are a little bit difficult. Most important, you need to figure out how to paint the straightest lines. This article explains the best products and a helpful tip for achieving the best lines on textured drywall.

Applying the Tape in the Right Spot

If your ceilings don't have crown molding, it might be difficult to create straight lines along the corner. Drywall corners are often slightly rounded, so it can be hard to figure out where to put the tape. In most cases, you should put the tape before the wall starts to round over. That way, the line will be on the flat part of the wall. If you want to make this line as straight as possible, you can first mark it with a pencil. Then, when you apply the tape, place it a couple of hairs above the pencil line. This way the paint will cover the line.

When you apply the tape, it is very important that you push down as firmly as possible. You can use your finger or something soft like a cloth to push the tape down without rubbing your finger raw.

Adding Spackling Paste

Once the tape is applied, you will need some lightweight spackling paste. Wear some latex gloves to apply the paste. The trick is to just rub a fair amount paste over the tape line. You don't want the paste to change the drywall texture; you just want to fill in the tiny crevices that might have formed underneath the tape. Basically, you rub the paste onto the wall and then rub it off. If you swipe slightly toward the tape, it will push the spackle underneath the tape. By filling these gaps, your line will look much better when you peel the tape off after painting. In most cases, you can't rely solely on the painters tape to create a perfect seal. Paint will bleed underneath the tape and leave behind a splotchy, uneven finish.

This trick will certainly add a few extra hours to your paint job. However, you will end up with much better-looking lines. Call a company like Kucker Haney Paint Co for professional help.