Painting The Exterior Of Your Professional Service Business? Don't Make These HUGE Mistakes

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Painting The Exterior Of Your Professional Service Business? Don't Make These HUGE Mistakes

25 August 2016
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It is no big news that the exterior of any business gives an impression to onlookers about what can be found inside. However, even with that knowledge, it is common for business owners to make mistakes when they decide to paint the building or otherwise make changes. As a business owner who has a professional service business, whether it is a law office, financial advisory business, or otherwise, it is even more crucial to pay careful attention to what the exterior of your business building looks like. If you are planning an upcoming painting job on your professional service business building, make sure you don't make these costly mistakes. 

Mistake: Using too many colors to paint the exterior of the building.

Why? With any professional type service, you do not want to send the impression of disarray or unprofessionalism. Unfortunately, this is exactly what you will do if the outside of your business building is too busied by too many paint colors. 

Instead: Stick with one or two primary colors for the exterior of your business. Save the other shades you want to implement for signage for the best overall end results.

Mistake: Choosing colors that don't fit in with surrounding businesses. 

Why? The last thing you want is for your business building to stick out like a sore thumb from the rest of the business district. You may want your building to be noticeable, but not in such a way that you send the impression you are trying too hard.

Instead: Stick with a color scheme that either matches the rest of the business buildings in the area or complements the already existing color palette of the area.

Mistake: Going for colors that don't reflect your business type. 

Why? There is a hidden psychological message behind almost every color choice in the business world. For example, if you see a building painted in yellow, red, or blue, you will probably assume the business inside has something to do with children. You don't want to pick a paint color which does not reflect your business type because it will just send the wrong impression about your services. 

Instead: Think about your professional service and what colors may be associated and paint your building and signage to coincide. As an example, if you have a medical service, you may want to paint the building white with dark blue signage or trim.

For more tips, contact commercial painting contractors.