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A Bright, Front Door

A few years ago my father purchased my mother a new front door for their home. At first, my mother was excited. However, she quickly decided she didn’t like the plain white color of the door, so she asked my father to paint the door a vivid burgundy color. I visited the home after the front door was painted. The burgundy color of the door looked amazing against the blue color of the house. If you want to give your home a fresh, new look without spending a lot of money, consider what changing the paint might do for the interior and exterior.


Reasons To Paint Your Basement Support Posts In A Bright Color

6 January 2023
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If you have a basement in your home, it's likely that there are a few support posts in this area — particularly in any basement room that is large. It's common for these posts to be finished in drywall and painted in a standard color such as white or off-white. While you might not think much about these posts, changing their color can be a fun idea to explore with a local interior painting contractor. Read More …

Buck The Neutral Trend — Deploy Bold Paint Colors At Home

16 November 2022
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When it comes to painting the interior of your house, the advice is often to use neutral shades throughout. Soft pastels, grays and browns, and bold white hues do have their place in your decor, but should you be afraid of bold color choices? No. Here's why and how you can start going bold at home.  Why Include Bold Colors? There are a few great reasons to use neutrals, such as to make a smaller room feel larger. Read More …

4 Signs Your Commercial Building Should Be Repainted

6 October 2022
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Your commercial building can take on a lot of wear. These types of wear will be those that your home won't have to endure. You should know what to look for when it comes to knowing when it's time for you to repaint your commercial space. Here are 4 signs that the time has come for a commercial space repainting:  1: The bottom half of the walls have a lot of paint damage Read More …

Cabinet Refacing Can Help Breathe New Life Into Your Existing Cabinetry

26 August 2022
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If your cabinets could use a makeover, cabinet refacing may be your perfect solution. With refacing, new materials will be added over your existing cabinetry materials to make it look as though you've gotten new cabinets without the need to replace them. New cabinet doors and drawers along with hardware may also be added to your cabinets as part of your cabinet refacing work to make each cabinet look its best. Read More …

The Complete Guide To Choosing The Perfect Restaurant Color Scheme

29 June 2022
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When choosing the perfect color scheme for your restaurant, it's important to think about more than just what looks good. The colors you choose can impact everything from the mood of your customers to how much natural light your space gets. To help you make the best decision for your business, here's a complete guide to choosing the perfect restaurant color scheme. Think About the Overall Vibe You're Trying to Create Read More …