What You Need To Know About Painting Your Vinyl Siding

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What You Need To Know About Painting Your Vinyl Siding

25 May 2023
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Vinyl can be a long-lasting material for siding. If your siding is in good shape but just has a faded color, you can give your siding life with a splash of paint. If you have siding that appears unsightly, painting it can be a big job, but it's a cheaper option than replacing your siding altogether. Painting vinyl needs to be done properly in order to prevent it from peeling or bubbling. Read on for some tips on how to paint your vinyl siding.

Clean The Siding Thoroughly

Clean your siding with a vinyl siding cleaner to remove the mold and mildew growth, as well as the dirt that has built up on your siding over time. You can use the siding cleaner to help remove stains as well, but this may take some scrubbing on your part, although a garden hose may do the trick as well. Clean the siding to remove all dirt to prevent it from hindering your new paint from adhering properly. Inspect your siding after it has dried to ensure you didn't miss anything.

Make Necessary Repairs

Make any necessary repairs to your siding, such as fixing any holes or cracks in the siding. If you have holes or cracks, you can use an extra piece of siding that you set into place with silicone. Smaller holes or cracks can be filled in with paintable silicone. Fill in the holes or the cracks and smooth it out as best as you can. Make the repairs as best as you can.

Paint Your Siding

Paint the siding using acrylic paint. Test the paint in a small space to be sure it is the color you like. If you paint your siding with a color that you didn't test first, you may have a color that you don't care for, which can be terrible to have to look at daily. Paint the siding with even strokes, using a paintbrush and roller to do the job. Apply the first coat, then apply a second coat if necessary. Look at the paint job in different lights throughout the day to be sure you painted it evenly.

If you have vinyl siding and you don't care for the way it looks, you may want to try to paint it before you ever think about replacing it. Painting your exterior siding can be a lot of work, but it is a cheaper option than replacing it. You can also hire a professional painter to do this work for you. Contact a company that offers exterior painting services to learn more.