Try One Of These Brown Hues In Your Home

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Try One Of These Brown Hues In Your Home

30 August 2023
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Brown might not be the first color of paint that comes to mind when you think about hiring a local painting professional to repaint some of the rooms in your home. Although plain brown might not excite you, it's possible that one or more specific brown paints could offer the look that you want. One good way to approach shopping for brown paint is to look at colors that feature brown with other hues. There are all sorts of examples at any paint shop in your area, and you may find that one of these shades is the perfect fit for a room in your home. Here are three brown hues that may catch your eye.


Green is a popular paint color on its own, but you can expect to see a lot of shades of brown that have subtle green notes. These paints have an earthy look that can often provide more visual appeal than plain brown. Brown-green paint varies a lot in appearance. Some of these shades are on the lighter side, which can work well in large rooms, while others are darker and may be a good fit in a small room.


Brown has a warm feel on its own, but there are various shades of brown that can offer even more visual warmth. A good example is any brown paint that contains orange hues. Orange is a color that is known for offering a lot of visual warmth, so combining it with brown will create a look that may immediately give you feelings of coziness. If your area's winters are cold and long, a bedroom or other area of your home with brown-orange paint on the walls can offer a cozy feel that you enjoy.


Painting a room in your home purple might be a little too bold for your taste, but you may still be looking for a way to include some purple notes in your residence. One way to accomplish this goal is to check out some examples of brown-purple paint and see if one might be a good fit for you. These hues can vary a lot depending on the shade of purple but tend to offer a unique look that combines both warm and cool notes. This is a color that may suit several rooms, including your bedroom. Consider these brown hues before you hire a painting contractor to repaint one or more rooms. 

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