What Types Of Flooring Work Well In Entryways?

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What Types Of Flooring Work Well In Entryways?

28 April 2023
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The entryway is an interesting part of the home to choose flooring for. Many conventional flooring options won't work well. For example, entryways get too wet for hardwood. And you certainly don't want carpet in an area where people are routinely walking with dirty shoes. So, what kinds of flooring do work well in entryways? Here are some top options to consider.

Concrete Flooring

A floor made from concrete may sound strange, but you should understand that by the time the flooring installers are done, the floor won't look like it is made from concrete. After the concrete is poured, it will be cured and finished with a colored finish. You can choose a matte or a glossy look. Some companies will even work a pattern into the concrete finish. Concrete is about as hard-wearing a flooring material as you can get, and it will stand up in even the most used of entryways. Once finished, it is also easy to clean. If you are worried about it being slippery, you can have it etched for some texture.

Sheet Vinyl

Sheet vinyl is sometimes seen as an outdated flooring material. When it comes to bathrooms and kitchens, it may indeed be an outdated choice. However, sheet vinyl can be a good choice for entryways. It is inexpensive, really resistant to water, and easy to put down. If you're dead-set on DIYing your flooring installation, sheet vinyl is the way to go. You can place it over most existing floor materials, such as hardwood. It comes in a range of solid colors and patterns. And if you get tired of its look, it does not cost too much to tear it down and put down a new piece of sheet vinyl.

Stone Tile

Stone tile is a great choice for an entryway if you want to create a more rustic look. It's natural, and yet it is very tough. You don't have to worry if you spill something on the stone. Mud and dirt will scrub right off of it, and it won't get scraped up if people walk on it while wearing boots. You can find smaller and larger stone tiles, and you can pick a color of grout that you think coordinates well. The only downside is that stone tile can be time-consuming to install.

The flooring materials above all work really well in entryways. They'll stand up to wear and tear and look good while doing it!

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