Buck The Neutral Trend — Deploy Bold Paint Colors At Home

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Buck The Neutral Trend — Deploy Bold Paint Colors At Home

16 November 2022
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When it comes to painting the interior of your house, the advice is often to use neutral shades throughout. Soft pastels, grays and browns, and bold white hues do have their place in your decor, but should you be afraid of bold color choices? No. Here's why and how you can start going bold at home. 

Why Include Bold Colors?

There are a few great reasons to use neutrals, such as to make a smaller room feel larger. But much of the advice to keep it neutral is rooted in fear. Neutrals are easy to decorate and won't need to be changed in a few years. Soft colors last longer and fade less. And many homeowners worry that future buyers won't want a more eclectic color. 

Let go of the anxiety that comes with using only soft shades. You aren't just a caretaker of your home for future buyers — it should be your haven and oasis. Might you need to paint again? Yes. But that doesn't mean you can't enjoy your space more now. Bold colors can energize your home and reenergize yourself. They allow you to express your personality in ways that neutrals can't. 

How Should You Include Bold Colors?

If you're worried about using bold shades, start small. Choose a color that really appeals to you personally — perhaps your favorite color — and look for a limited space to deploy it. Powder rooms, home offices, and dining rooms are great places to start small. 

Concerned about the brighter color making flaws visible or fading faster? Consult with a professional house painter to learn about tricks like using lower gloss sheens to camouflage imperfections. You can also boost a bold paint's longevity by understanding how sunlight moves through the room and limiting its exposure. 

Before you start painting too many walls, design a plan to incorporate them into your whole home's palette. Bright shades will draw more attention, so it's even more important to get the colors right. Look for a whole home palette that uses just a handful of complementary colors to promote visual harmony from room to room. 

Where Can You Get Help?

No matter what part of bold interior palettes makes you nervous or hesitant, the best way to begin is to consult with a skilled house painting service. They know all the color tips and tricks and will work with you to express yourself without running afoul of common pitfalls. Call or make an appointment with a service such as American Painters Inc today to learn more.