3 Things To Look For In An Exterior Painter

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3 Things To Look For In An Exterior Painter

25 March 2022
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If you are searching for a way to spruce up your home's curb appeal, exterior painting is an excellent option. While adding a new coat of paint may seem simple, it's more work than you may anticipate. Since exterior painting requires skill and painting equipment that you may not have, hiring an exterior painter to tackle this job is likely going to be your best bet. Here are three things to look for in an exterior painter

Clear Communication

The first thing you will want to look for in an exterior painter is clear communication. There are a lot of decisions to make when it comes to exterior painting. There's much more to it than selecting a new color for your home's exterior. You will want to find a painter who will discuss your options in detail. For example, paint sheen and formulation are incredibly important, and a professional exterior painter will help you select the best options for your home. You want to look for an exterior painter who communicates clearly and will walk you through the exterior painting process.

Affordable Rates

Exterior painting is not something you want to skimp on, but you also want to look for an exterior painter who offers fair rates. Knowing how much exterior painting tends to cost can help you determine whether you are getting a fair deal. Hiring an exterior painter can set you back between $0.50 and $3.50 per square foot. When looking at potential painters, get a written estimate that includes labor and material costs to compare and contrast your options. Make sure to ask about how much surface preparation is included in their rates.

Happy Customers

Making sure that your exterior painting is done well is vital. One benefit of hiring an exterior painter is that you will be able to see examples of their work in person. In addition, you can ask to see other homes that your painter has worked on to get a feel for their work. Online reviews and word-of-mouth are also great ways to determine which exterior painters do a great job and which ones you are better off avoiding.

If you plan to paint your home, here's what to look for in an exterior painter. First, you want to find a painter who communicates clearly about what will work best for your home. Second, finding someone who offers quality painting and affordable rates is crucial. Finally, look for happy customers and examples of an exterior painter's work before committing.