Is It Worth Painting Your Own Exterior?

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Is It Worth Painting Your Own Exterior?

1 October 2020
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As with any home remodel, painting your home can save you a good chunk of cash. Painting has always been a very popular DIY project because it is something that does not require a ton of skill or special tools. Just about anybody can pick up a paintbrush or roller and get the job done with great results. When you hire pros to paint your home, the labor will be the biggest part of your bill. If you have any experience painting interior walls, you might be tempted to paint your exterior walls. Painting the outside of a home is an entirely different beast from painting interior walls. This article explains the exterior painting process and should help you figure out whether or not it is a job you can take on yourself.

No matter how you look at it, painting outside of your home is going to be more difficult and time-consuming than painting the inside of your home. Exterior painting is more difficult, in the first place, simply because you are exposed to the elements while doing the work. Not only can wind be annoying, but rain can also interfere with the process. Also, exterior surfaces are usually more course, meaning that you need to use thicker paint and apply more coats. Thicker paint is more time-consuming to apply, and if you have to apply two or three coats, you can imagine that the project is going to take much, much longer.

Another thing you have to consider when painting the outside of your home is the fact that a lot of the surface area is hard-to-reach. You will need to use ladders and/or scaffolding to reach the roofline, especially if you have a two-story property. So, working outside while being exposed to the sun, while having to climb up and down a ladder all day, can be much more strenuous work.

All that being said, painting is still a relatively basic project when you consider the tools and training that are necessary. All you really need is a couple of rollers and a few helpers. Some people will speed up the process by investing in a spray gun. They can be rented quite easily, but the operation can be a little tricky if you don't have the experience. If you do have helpers, using rollers and brushes might be more practical.

Ultimately, painting your own exterior walls is more than manageable, you just have to anticipate that the job is going to be a little harder.

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