3 Unique Wall Coverings For Your Home

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3 Unique Wall Coverings For Your Home

5 September 2019
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When building or decorating a home, you most likely will paint the walls. Available in a variety of colors and finishes, paint can be an easy way to decorate and add personality to your home. However, paint will not be able to add texture to definition to a space, but different types of wall coverings can. Although wall paper was a common type of wall covering, other unique options are available from companies like Wallpaper New York. Here are a few unique wall coverings to consider when decorating your home.


Even though it has been around for many, many years, shiplap has become a popular trend today thanks to Chip and Joanna Gain's show, Fixer Upper.

Basically, shiplap is a type of wood board that is secured to the wall. In the past, it was used to construct barns, sheds, and even homes. Today, it is used as a decorative wall covering.

There are different ways to install shiplap. The traditional option involves tongue and groove shiplap that is fitted together and secured to the wall. However, many homeowners are choosing to use simple wood boards that are just secured to the wall without locking the boards together.

No matter which method you choose for installation, shiplap can add enormous texture and appeal to any space. Consider painting shiplap white for a cottage-like feel or allow shiplap to remain in its natural, raw wood state. Shiplap can also be painted in grey, beige, or green if you prefer a bit of color in your room.

Reclaimed Wood

Another great option to consider for your walls is reclaimed wood. Wood upcycled from old floor boards, barns, buildings, or even pallets can be transformed into a unique wall covering.

In most cases, reclaimed wood is best for creating an accent wall. For example, cover the wall around your fireplace or behind your bed to add texture and deep, rustic wood tones to a space.

Most people leave the reclaimed wood boards in their natural state since the rustic look adds a historical, antiquated feel to the home.

Stone or Brick

The use of stone or brick veneer is also becoming a popular option for covering a few walls in the home, especially if you are inspired by nature and natural elements.

Instead of covering a main wall in your house with the stone or brick veneer, consider applying the veneer around doorways or openings in your home. Stone and brick make great accents for columns in your dining room or the walls and cabinetry around your stove and oven in the kitchen.