Drywall Painting Tips All Homeowners Should Know

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Drywall Painting Tips All Homeowners Should Know

17 July 2019
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A fresh coat of paint can be beneficial for a few reasons. Not only can it add a bit of color to your home, but painting the walls can also make your home look and feel cleaner and more appealing. Unfortunately, painting is not always completed properly by homeowners, but help is available. This guide will help you learn a few essential tips to follow when painting drywall.

Repair to Prepare

One of the most important tips to know is that you must repair any damaged or imperfect areas of the drywall to prepare the surface for new paint.

If you are painting new drywall, focus on the dust to get started. If left on the drywall surface, the dust will prevent the paint from being applied evenly and thoroughly. This will result in an unappealing painted surface, or time and energy spent to repaint.

To remove the dust, wipe down the drywall with a soft, dry cloth. Then, wipe down the drywall with a damp cloth to ensure all dust and dust particles are removed. Allow the drywall to dry before painting.

If painting old drywall, make sure to repair any holes. Sand down imperfections, as well, but make sure to use the above tips for reducing the dust accumulation on the drywall surface before painting.

Prime for Perfection

Applying primer to the drywall is another step you may not want to take, but it is imperative if you want an even and thorough application of paint. Remember that the paper and compound used to make the drywall are both porous, so they will absorb the paint, but in different ways.

To even out the absorption, invest in a primer specifically designed for drywall. You can use a paint and primer combination, which will save you some time, but new drywall should have its own coat of primer before applying paint to the surface.

In most cases, the primer will dry quickly. However, it will depend on the amount of humidity and ventilation in the space.

Tools for Success

Having the right tools is also important for effective and efficient painting of your drywall.

A sprayer can be an efficient option for new drywall, but it can be messy. In addition, you will need to pay attention to how evenly you spray the paint onto the drywall surface to ensure no spots are missed.

For most people, a roller is the best option for applying the paint. You can choose rollers of various sizes that are attached to different sized-handles, allowing you to paint normal-sized or taller walls with ease.

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