Are You Opening A Beach-Themed Boutique?

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Are You Opening A Beach-Themed Boutique?

26 April 2019
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Do you live in an area that is close to the beach? If so, you might have decided to capitalize on that by opening a beach-themed boutique. After all, visitors to your beach town will probably want to take home souvenirs, right? Or, you might actually live in a big city that is far away from the beach. If so, you might have considered the fact that a beach-themed boutique would be unique in a city location. No matter where you live, if you are opening a beach-themed boutique, you may be looking for ideas on how to decorate it. 

From arranging for commercial painting to selecting artwork for your new boutique,read on for some helpful ideas.

Hire A Commercial Painting Contractor - Of course, if you are super handy with a paintbrush yourself, painting your new boutique might not be that big a deal to you. Go for it! However, if you know that job is beyond your skills, consider making arrangements with a commercial painting contractor to have the boutique painted by professionals.

The contractor will have the training and the experience to advise you on the type of paint you will need. Do you already know the paint colors you want to include? Maybe you have selected colors of nature. If so, those colors might include sky blue, light mocha to represent the sand on the beach and even tangerine like the color you would find in sunsets.  

The same workers who do the wall painting can also put up a beach-themed mural. If that idea appeals to you, think of selecting a mural that includes things like lighthouses or sailboats as the focal part of the design.

Select Beach-themed Artwork - Think of other ways that you can add interest to your boutique. For example, if you will be selling clothes in your store, think of framing copies of old advertisements that have old-fashioned girls in antiquated bathing suits. If you'll be selling things like beach towels and linens, think of framing a picture that depicts a clothesline in front of a beach house with clothes drying in the wind.

Stenciling is another art form that might add pizzazz to your beach-themed boutique. The same workers that do the painting will more than likely also be happy to do the stencil work for you. Select stencils like seashells, seahorses, and sand pails. Another idea is to stencil words in strategic places. For example, Life is better at the beach is just one idea that would work well in your new boutique. 

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