Want A Unique Bathroom? 4 Things To Consider Painting In This Space

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Want A Unique Bathroom? 4 Things To Consider Painting In This Space

23 February 2019
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If you look at your master bathroom and feel as if it looks boring, you may be interested in making some changes that will improve the appearance. However, you may like the setup and all the features in the space, so you may not want to replace any of the major components. This is when you will want to get creative with painting because you can change several features with ease.

Window Frames

An effective way to make your bathroom look different is by painting the window frames. This gives you an opportunity to create a contrasting look by picking a color that is far different from the one on the walls. For instance, you can go with white walls and black window frames, which will make the windows stand out in the room and put emphasis on the view to the outside.


If you have a bathroom vanity with cabinetry, you should not hesitate to paint this feature because it can help you create a unique look around the vanity area. If you have wood cabinets, you can go with paint or use a stain if you still want to maintain a wood look for the cabinetry.

Another way that you can change the cabinets is by painting the hardware, which will allow you to get colors such as white, black, gray, or gold. You can make plans to paint both the hardware and cabinets to create a look that meshes well together and looks unique inside your home.


One of the easiest parts of the bathroom to paint is the walls. However, painting the walls will also have a huge impact on how the space looks because they cover such a large area. This means that you will want to think long and hard about which color to choose for the walls. While you can paint all the walls in the same color, you may opt for an accent wall to make a unique look.

Mirror Frame

Another feature that you should consider painting is the mirror frame in the vanity area. You can paint the mirror in the same color as the window frames if you want to create a cohesive look. At the same time, you will want to plan out the cabinet and hardware colors for the best results. If the mirror has detailed etching, the paint color you choose can help it stand out more.

Getting creative with painting the bathroom will help you make a unique and attractive look. Contact an interior painting company such as Walls-N-All Painting for help with your project.