Four Colors To Paint Your Plain Home's Exterior

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Four Colors To Paint Your Plain Home's Exterior

15 August 2018
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Your home's exterior is the first thing people see when they come on your property. You want your home to be alluring and inviting, not boring or lackluster. If your home is further burdened with being plain in style, it can lack any real dimension.

To make your home look like less of a large box and more exciting and welcoming, consider these four colors to paint your house's exterior. These colors will be both timeless and exciting and make your home the most beautiful property on your street.


If your home is larger and needs to be toned down a bit, then consider navy for an exterior hue. Navy is a rich blue that is nearly black, and the color goes with nearly any color trim or door style.

Use navy for your home's exterior if you have lots of lighter accents on your property, such as shrubbery, flowers, rock gardens, and other elements. Your navy home exterior will create a commanding presence for your property.

Since navy is a darker tone, it may show signs of debris or dirt easier. Power wash this color periodically to keep your home looking beautiful on the outside.


Yellow comes in a variety of shades, from a buttery yellow to a dusty yellow. Regardless of what color yellow you choose for your home's exterior, the results are a cheerful, bright color that will help your property stand out.

Consider yellow for your home if your house is smaller to give the boxy style of your home more of a cottage appeal. You can paint trim a tan or white to really make the yellow tones stand out.

Hunter Green 

Hunter green is a beautiful, deep green color that makes any home look well-cared for. Since the green is more black- or gray-based, you don't need to worry about the color appearing too childish on your home.

Use hunter green for your property if you don't have a lot of foliage in your front yard. The earth tone of hunter green makes your house look more earthy in its appearance.

Dusty Rose

A classic approach to exterior home colors, dusty rose is a mature pink that gives a boxy house a pretty allure. If you want to soften your home's lines while making your property appear colorful and fun, consider this hue. When choosing a dusty rose for your home, leave the door in its natural color to avoid color clashing with this unique tone.

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