Sometimes A DIY Paint Job Isn't The Best Option: Here's When It Makes Sense To Hire A Professional Painter For Your Home

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Sometimes A DIY Paint Job Isn't The Best Option: Here's When It Makes Sense To Hire A Professional Painter For Your Home

2 December 2017
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Painting the interior of your home is a popular do-it-yourself project; most homeowners are able to do an acceptable job with tape, drop cloths, a roller brush and an angled sash brush. However, it can be very time-consuming and mistakes (such as accidentally dripping paint onto a hardwood floor) can be costly. Hiring a professional painter may be more expensive, but it guarantees that the job will be done perfectly. Here are some situations in which it makes sense to hire a pro instead of trying to paint your home yourself.

You Don't Want To Spend Money On Expensive Tools

When it comes to paint brushes, you definitely get what you pay for. Low-quality paint brushes tend to drip paint or splay their bristles unevenly when you apply pressure to the handle. This leads to a splotchy and low-quality paint job because your paint layers will not be evenly applied. You will need to spend hundreds of dollars on tools and tape in order to do a quality job painting your home. If you like to change the decor in your home often, this may be seen as a worthwhile investment. However, it's a large outlay in materials for a homeowner that only plans to paint every ten years. You have to weigh the costs of the tools and paint that you require versus the cost of hiring a professional painter; in many cases, it's not much more expensive to have a professional do the work.

You Need To Get The Job Done Quickly

Many homeowners underestimate the time needed to fully paint the interior of their home; for a medium-sized house, if you are only available to work on the project on evenings and weekends it can take up to two weeks to fully paint your home. That's a lot of time to spend inhaling acrid paint fumes and being unable to fully enjoy certain rooms in your home due to the need to move furniture around in order to paint. If you have children or pets, you'll also need to account for the fact that they need to be kept out of any areas with wet paint for the entire duration. A professional paint crew can do a medium-sized home in a single weekend, since their expertise and the number of workers they bring on-site to paint your home allows them to rapidly prepare and paint rooms.

You Need The Paint Job To Be Perfect

It takes a wide variety of professional-grade tools and years of experience to replicate the work of a professional painter. If you need the job done perfectly, you will need to hire an expert. One example where it pays to have a professional paint the interior of your home is if you are selling your house. Painting your home is a great way to add value to the home and is very likely to increase the speed at which your home sells; however, potential home buyers will not respond well to an amateur paint job. One area where it is difficult for do-it-yourself painters to match the performance of a professional is "cutting in" the paint using a sash brush or square brush. That's when you need to paint a perfectly straight line of paint in areas where the roller brush can't reach, such as the space where the ceiling meets the wall. It's very easy to accidentally paint on the ceiling or leave a gap of old paint between the wall and the ceiling, which looks very unattractive. It's also very difficult for unskilled painters to paint on and around window frames and avoid paint clumping and becoming too thick.

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