How To Mask Off Before Painting

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How To Mask Off Before Painting

4 January 2017
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Painting is a great do-it-yourself project because you can involve your friends and family. Actually painting the walls on the inside or outside of your home is very simple. Of course, certain aspects of the job are little more difficult. For instance, painting the edges and lines will need to be done by somebody with a little bit of skill with a paintbrush. But perhaps the most important part of the job is masking off. If you properly mask off your walls before painting them, the rest of the painting will be much easier. This article explains the best supplies and techniques for masking off like a pro.

Be Thorough

The key to masking off is to be very thorough. When it comes to painting, it is definitely better to be safe than sorry. You will be surprised of paint can drip, spill, and get tracked all over your house. Some people make the mistake of thinking that they only need to mask off directly under the wall that they are currently painting. In reality, you want to turn your house into a painting station.

Make a Walkway

First of all, make a solid walkway in and out of your house. By rolling heavy duty construction paper throughout your home, you can protect your floors. The key is to securely tape down the paper. This way, as you walk in and out of your house to resupply and take breaks, you won't be tracking paint around.

Cover All of Your Casings and Moldings

Most people will paint their window and door fixtures, along with their moldings, a different color than the walls. For this reason, it is very important that you tape these off. You basically want to seal them and protect them from the wall paint. A helpful tool for for doing this effectively is a painters masking gun. This simple, handheld device distributes the tape onto a small roll of masking paper as you roll it out. This way you can create a straight line along the edge of your molding, while also protecting a few extra inches of it.

Use Painter's Plastic for the Rest

Perhaps the most important supply that you will need for masking off is a large roll of painters plastic. This is altered convenient and can be utilized in many situations. You can drape it over furniture to protected from paint. You can tape it over window and door fixtures to completely seal them. You can cover ceiling lights and fans. Basically, it is lightweight and easy to tape onto anything for a paint proof finish.

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