Three Ways to Seal Your Fence, From the Traditional to the Fun and Unusual

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Three Ways to Seal Your Fence, From the Traditional to the Fun and Unusual

11 August 2016
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Fence sealing helps protect your fence from rotting, splitting, and splintering. By applying a sealing method of your choice, you can keep your fence looking nice for several years. Here are three ways to seal your fence, from the traditional to the fun and unusual.

Traditional: Water Sealant

This is a paint-on sealant that is typically used for wood fences, wood decks, and other outdoor wooden structures. The sealant coats the wood and keeps rainwater off by causing the rain to bead up on the wood. The beads of rainwater then slip off. You may need to reapply this sealant annually or semi-annually. Additionally, the sealant does nothing to add a decorative touch to your fence.

Typical, with Optional Fun: Paint

Waterproof paint or paint meant for outdoor furniture and wood structures is another way to seal your fence. However, paint can make things much more interesting than just a clear coat of fence sealant can. In fact, you could paint your fence multiple colors or create sweeping murals along the length of it, if you so desire or have the artistic talent to create some. Otherwise, you could just paint the entire fence one solid color and know that your fence is sealed and waterproofed with that one coat of paint.

Unusual, and Possibly Fun: Wallpaper

Yes, you do not see wallpaper on fences that often, but only because wallpapering is a lot of work for an outdoor structure. However, the primer used to hang wallpaper is waterproof, and the sealant used to smooth and adhere wallpaper to a surface is an effective protector for your fence. If you have a wooden fence that has panels that are very close together, you could hang sheets of wallpaper all down the fence. You could even change things up by changing wallpaper themes, colors, or patterns every few feet or every time your fence changes direction at the corners. The result will be very unusual, but it could also be quite fun if you select some wallpaper that goes well with your home and landscaping decor.

Most professional painters are willing to apply a traditional sealant or a straight color of paint. If you want something more artsy with the paint job on your fence, you may have to hire an artist to do it (or do it yourself). Lastly, if you really like the idea of using wallpaper on your fence, you will have to hire a professional wallpaper hanger to get the job done or learn very quickly how to hang wallpaper yourself.

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