Use These Different Paint Rollers To Give Your Finished Product A Unique Look

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Use These Different Paint Rollers To Give Your Finished Product A Unique Look

9 August 2016
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When you've decided to give a room in your home a new coat of paint, you don't need to automatically opt for a standard polyester paint roller. While this traditional sort of roller will give you a pleasing result — relatively smooth but with a small amount of texture — there are other types of rollers that you can use to create a different look and feel on the walls. There's no right answer here; consider the following types of rollers and the look you wish to achieve, and then buy the roller that will best give you the finished product that you see in your mind's eye. If you're concerned about your ability to get the finished look you want, just hire a painting contractor.

Foam Roller

Foam rollers are ideal because they give you a different textural effect than a traditional polyester roller. When you paint with a foam roller, the finished result is perfectly smooth. This type of roller is commonly used for painting a wide range of things around the house in which no texture is desired, such as pieces of furniture or stairs. However, it's equally suitable to use on the walls of a room if you want to make them appear as smooth as possible.

Textured Roller

Textured rollers are available in a wide range of styles, from slightly textured to heavily textured. Featuring a fluffy or bumpy finish, a textured roller will give you a unique appearance on the walls of your room, which is ideal if you're going for a rustic or creative look. For example, instead of giving you a solid coat of paint, the textured surface of the roller will give you an inconsistent result — some parts of the wall will be painted, while others will be left bare or have just a light amount of paint. This can create visual interest in certain rooms. Your kids, for example, may like the idea of this funky finish in their rooms.

Patterned Roller

If you want an end product that is truly unique, a patterned roller can help you get the desired effect. These rollers have all sort of different three-dimensional patterns on their surfaces. Examples can include leaves, damask shapes and even abstract lines and shapes. When you make a pass with this roller on the wall, it leaves pleasing patterns behind. You can either choose to paint an entire room in this manner or use this type of roller for accents, such as painting a single wall in a room and painting the other walls with a more traditional type of roller.

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